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supporting local charities through professional creative services.


PhotoFund is a social enterprise that offers professional creative services while giving back to our local community. 

At PhotoFund we're proud to offer a variety of services to suit all your creative needs including photography, videography and graphic design.

We charge $50/hour for photography, $25/hour for graphic design, and $50/hour for videography along with with additional costs for editing videos. Discounts are available for student groups – simply contact us for a more detailed quote!

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Need professional head-shots or group-shots for your organization? Want coverage of your event? Or just want a really great new Facebook profile picture?



Want a promotional video to advertise your event? Or coverage of your dance team or choir performance? Do you need a wrap-up video of your organization's event?


graphic design

Need a poster for your student-government campaign? Or perhaps a Facebook cover photo for your upcoming event? Want a pamphlet made for your organization?

Our charities

Every year, PhotoFund chooses a community organization – or multiple organizations – to support with the funds that we raise. In the past, we have created the following impacts:

2016, SickKids Hospital - Donated $6,000, which supported SickKids to provide lifesaving surgeries for children around the world.

2017, SickKids Hospital - Donated $7,500, which supported SickKids to provide lifesaving surgeries for children around the world.

2018, Santropol Roulant - Donated $7,000, which helped Santropol Roulant provide over 1,250 nutritious, locally grown meals to those with mobility issues in the city of Montreal.

This year – You can decide from the following three charities where you would like your money to go when you hire us. If that’s too tough of a decision, we’ll split your money at our discretion between the three!

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Pour trois points

Pour 3 Points believes in social equality for youth from underprivileged neighbourhood. They are convinced that, someday, all of them will have the opportunity to develop their potential to become happy, resilient and healthy adults involved in their community.

They invest all their efforts in realizing this vision by training sports coaches to become life coaches. By assisting underprivileged youth, these coaches help them gain the skills needed to succeed in life and in school.

The Pour 3 Points organization has an exponential effect: the coaches they train work with approximately 12 young people per year. They become agents of change within the sports community and the education sector. Lastly, the youth participating in the program have a positive impact themselves on their environment.

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Petites-Mains supports women in need – mainly immigrants, single mothers, and those receiving social assistance or without income in order to break out of social isolation, to learn a trade and to integrate the workforce. This allows them to live in dignity.

They offer a professional training program and hands-on work experience adapted to the needs of their partners and employers, in the fields of industrial sewing, kitchen work and other chosen fields, in order to facilitate the successful social integration of their participants.

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dans la rue

With dedication, empathy and respect, and with the support of the community, Dans la rue cares for their immediate needs and helps them acquire the skills and resources needed to lead more autonomous and rewarding lives.

They do this through the provision of an emergency shelter, and a day centre that provides basic services, meals, clothing, employment programs, healthcare, legal advice and education opportunities, as well as many other services.


Photography Team

Videography Team

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Design Team

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Daniel Clark
Laura Kaufmann
Bonnie Clark
Jennifer Martinez
Judith Nowak
Jennifer Scott
Donna Sharma
Peter Horvat
Jean Riccardo
William Riccardo
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